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As a 5-year-old, skinny, bowl cut, dirty, us and the neighborhood kids were always outside in the summertime. My mom would send us to pick blueberries up the road to a local residence. Especially when it was hot outside we felt as if this was more of a chore than anything. My mother would accompany us, typically talk to the adults while we did all the “work”. I am almost positive that we ate more than we picked, but y’all, it was hot. Coming home with buckets of blueberries seemed to mean something to my mother, yet as a 5-year-old, it meant we were having muffins that next morning.

In 2019, I had that daughter. She is just like her mama, the skinny, bowl cut, and dirty daughter. We recently took her to her first trip to Berry Good Farms here in Tifton. As she is just shy of 2, she needed a little assistance. As she picked her first berries, stuck them in her mouth, I started to feel what my mother must have felt. She doesn’t see it as work quite yet, just a sweet treat, stained shirt, and a dirty, smiling face. She may not remember it quite yet, but I will. After a long week of work, you may not want to take your car out of the garage, I didn’t that day. I urge you to make those muffins and memories. We promise that it will be berry important one day. Thank you Berry Good Farms for the memories that we can all take from this "sweet" place. 

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