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Fry ’em up

With that first bite, you’ll learn they’re crunchy on the outside and soft and slightly tangy in the middle. They simply taste like summer is here! Our favorite way to eat them is on a BL(Fried Green)T! As a good appetizer dip them in ranch, because we are southern. Let’s make them together!

Rain, Rain it’s okay!

In South Georgia, we pray for rain quite often! With Agriculture being BIG business here it allows for the crops to mature, for seeds (for next season's crops) to germinate in the ground and for the grass to grow. We say c'mon! There is plenty to do to escape the rain!

Social Local, dining at the Lankford Manor

Mr. Billy and Mrs. Norma Lankford made you feel at home whether you were local or not. Fast forward, this home sat empty for many years, but in 2019 that all changed. Chef David and Jennifer Scarbrough are still keeping that legacy alive.