Our Party Under the Pines

I mean music and food. C'mon, you can't get much better than that!

I mean music and food. C’mon, you can’t get much better than that! Picture this 25,000 of your closest friends under the pines of Fulwood Park. Rhythm & Ribs is the first weekend of March here in Tifton. Two BBQ Competitions, 140 vendors & too much fun is had by all. After gaining national coverage with Food Network in 2022, we were featured in the series BBQ UGA with Chef Michael Symon, and we knew we were livin’ high on the hog. From Buffalo, NY to Miami, FL we had people come to our town to see what type of smoke we were blowin’. Adding a car show this year really brought a new crowd, oh boy, it was packed with over 150 cars, new and old! The Community Stage had a couple of local acts that were bringing the crowds and interactive games for our kids! Heading over to the Main Stage, those pines sure were swayin’ with live music all night. We love our community and we are thankful to be able to offer a free event for all! The festival shows us what #thinktifton is all about, the Friendly City, preserving our past and growing our future.

What is next for the best weekend of the year? We can only guarantee a good time! We will see you the first weekend in March!