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Social Local, dining at the Lankford Manor

Built by Mr. John Pope in 1892, the beautiful manor was later purchased by the Lankford Family in 1934 and converted into a boarding house and family restaurant. Not only was it a very popular place for locals to dine, but it was one of Tifton's finest places for weary travelers to lay their heads. Pre-interstate, when US Highway 41 was a main north-south route to Florida, it was one of the busiest tourist sites in Tifton and known statewide. The manor housed 20 bedrooms and bathrooms that were rented to travelers on the way to Florida or back to their homes. From meals, to drinks, to stories, can you imagine what was shared between these walls? From stories to laughs, to stories that made you laugh, what a time that this house has seen. Mr. Billy and Mrs. Norma Lankford made you feel at home whether you were local or not. Fast forward, the home sat empty for many years, but in 2019 that all changed. Chef David and Jennifer Scarbrough are still keeping that legacy alive. We are so thankful that it was bought back to life where those laughs, family, and making new friends could be shared again. The LOCAL at Lankford is a gem in this city. From great food to greater friends, you can enjoy all that Georgia has to offer. Local beers, produce, and meats as well as service that will greet you with a lil' local accent. Coming from near or far, see what being a local is all about at this manor.

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